Specialized Training

With Marie-Daphné Roy


Yoga therapist C-IAYT, certified Massage therapist, Somatic therapist (SEP), E-RYT® 500, YACEP®, B.A.

My intention: to offer more people access to safe, adaptive, sensitive, deep and healing yoga.

Introductory Training

in Restorative Yoga

Registrations are opened!
Online and In person Training
August 16th to September 16th, 2024
40 h

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Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

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Module Pelvic Health
May 18th to June 15th, 2023

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Training and retreat

in Yin Yoga

June 30th to July 4th, 2024
In-person training
45 h

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Introductory Training

in Restorative Yoga


Promote relaxation and regulation of the autonomic nervous system

Restorative yoga is derived from the Iyengar method and was first developed to prevent injuries and pain during overly demanding postures with the use of accessories. The practice evolved into restorative yoga, which aims to rebalance systems, promote homeostasis and support recovery from illness. Indeed, restorative yoga can generate a profound therapeutic effect, reducing the harmful effects of stress and promoting better overall health. 

This versatile approach is beneficial for everyone, including people who need to modify poses such as beginners or people with illnesses or injuries. For those who are experienced, restorative yoga deepens the experience of the positions and ensures that the practice can be adapted to each person’s life cycles.

This training will be an opportunity to…

  • Learn a solid repertoire of calming and balancing restorative poses
  • Understand how to adapt restorative positions with accessories according to the objective and specifics of your body (and those of your students, if you are a teacher)
  • Comprehend the effect of poses on the nervous system, muscles, fascia and organs
  • Know how to encourage the feeling in the postures, refine body awareness and promote optimal alignment
  • Learn to promote the relaxation response and support internal homeostasis
  • Know how to apply the concepts of anatomy and physiology to inform your choice of poses and sequences
  • Explore modalities of presence during postures (meditative attention, body awareness, breath observation, etc.)

This training is open to everyone. Whether for personal use or to complement an existing professional practice (massage therapy, osteopathy, etc.), this course will allow you to better understand restorative yoga and practice it in safety and with confidence.

If you teach yoga, you will come out of this training better equipped, whether you are looking to teach full restorative yoga classes, learn how to better integrate these postures into your regular classes, or become more proficient in private lessons.

You will get :

  • Exclusive recorded restorative yoga sessions, guided by Marie-Daphné Roy.
  • Theoretical presentations aimed at improving your understanding of restorative yoga and empower you in your restorative yoga practices, and, if you teach, to improve your teaching.
  • 6 Live interactive sessions with Marie-Daphné Roy, on Zoom.
  • 12 hrs in person, at Yoga Bhavana, with Marie-Daphné Roy.
  • 5 restorative yoga classes of your choice, in person at Yoga Bhavana.
  • Training manual (PDF).
  • One-year access to online training content.

2024 Schedule

From September 3rd to October 3rd, 2024

Tuesday, September 3: opening of online training content and introductory meeting, at Zoom
Saturday, September 28, 12:30 pm to 6 pm: face-to-face meeting at Yoga Bhavana
Sunday, September 29, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.: face-to-face meeting, at Yoga Bhavana
Thursday, October 3, 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm: evaluation and closing meeting, at Zoom.


Admission Requirements

Regularly practicing restorative yoga for at least 1 year is recommended.

Having a minimum of accessories for restorative yoga at home in order to practice the material covered during the training : 2 blocks, 1 straps, 3-4 blankets, a chair, 1 bolster (or extra blankets).

Evaluation Methods :

Assessments are only mandatory if you want a continuing education certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance. Otherwise, all of these assessments are optional.

To be completed and submitted before October 3rd, 2024* :

    • A practice journal, to be completed at your own pace during the training.
    • Reflective summary based on your restorative practice journal experience.
    • Creation of one restorative yoga sequence to be submitted in writing.

    * No extensions allowed.

    A 40-hour continuing education certification recognized by Yoga Alliance will be granted to yoga teachers who are already certified, have completed the training and have successfully completed the evaluations.

    Fee :

    – 825 $ + tx

Teacher Training in Adaptive Yoga
and Therapeutic Elements

with Marie-Daphné Roy, E-RYT 500 & Hélène Doucet-Beaupré, PhD

This specialized training is offered by Marie-Daphné Roy and Hélène Doucet-Beaupré (École Metta-Bhavana), two certified teachers and yoga therapists, specialized in therapeutic elements.

Accredited by the Yoga Alliance (continuing education) and the International Association of Yoga Therapists (continuing education), this training course has been specifically designed to approach yoga from a global health perspective and introduce therapeutic elements through the use asanas, meditation, pranayama, anatomy and Ayurveda.

Prepare to be immersed in the wisdom of yoga as a practice for the sustainable development of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Learn how to meet the specific needs of your students while teaching them how to modify and adapt poses in a kind way, based on their body’s unique needs.

If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, this training course is for you:

  • Do you want serious training in therapeutic approaches?
  • Do you feel short of ideas or resources to adapt the practice to the needs of your students in group classes?
  • Do you feel that you are lacking tools in an individual setting?

With the practices and guidance provided throughout this course, you will develop both the confidence and the therapeutic tools necessary to help restore overall health and well-being in your students.

The modular formula of the training program allows you to progress at your own pace.

2023 Schedule

May 18th to June 15th, 2023 : Yoga for pelvic health (Online and in person training)

TBD: Yoga for stress and anxiety (Online and in person training)

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Yoga for

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Yoga for stress
and anxiety

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Yoga for
pelvic health

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Yoga for lower
back health

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Yoga for digestion

This 20-hour continuing education course (Yoga Therapy for Digestion – IAYT) aims to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the digestive and eliminatory systems. We will present the current understanding of digestive and eliminatory physiology, as well as the most up-to-date knowledge on the autonomic nervous system, including the enteric nervous system; we will also present the vayus model, mainly apana and samana. We will teach techniques and develop skills to help regulate nervous system response and the vayus; we will also learn how to educate and help clients understand and modulate their own nervous system response and vayus function. This workshop includes theory (lectures and discussions), yoga practices and personal work.

Price: $400 plus taxes


Yoga for stress and anxiety

This 30-hour continuing education course (Yoga Therapy to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety – IAYT) aims to advance knowledge and a better understanding of the stress response and anxiety, as well as to develop the skills needed to work with both. We will teach techniques and the knowledge necessary to first become aware of our own stress and anxieties when working with clients, as well as how to modulate stress responses in order to remain fully present for our clients. We will also learn how to educate and help clients understand, recognize and attune their stress reactions and signs of anxiety in their daily lives. We will put into practice the latest knowledge about the autonomic nervous system, as well as current research on stress and anxiety. This workshop includes theoretical courses (lectures and discussions), yoga practices, personal and small group work.

Price: $750 plus taxes


Yoga for pelvic health
May 18th to June 15th, 2023

This 20-hour continuing education course (Yoga Therapy for Pelvic Health – IAYT) will allow yoga teachers and practitioners of therapeutic yoga to better understand the anatomy and proper functioning of the muscles and organs of the pelvic region. Notions from the yogic models of Bandhas and Vayus will be presented and explored.Participants will become more familiar and comfortable in recognizing the main difficulties associated with the pelvic floor and in proposing suitable yogic treatment plans. Participants will develop respectful language to address the physical and psychological aspects of pelvic health.

In person and online, as preferred

Dates :

Thursdays May 18th and June 1st 2023, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.: Zoom session.

Saturday June 3rd 2023, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.: in person or Zoom session, as preferred

Sunday June 4th 2023, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.: in person or Zoom session, as preferred

Thursday June 15th 2023, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.: Zoom session.

Price: $495 plus taxes


Yoga for lower back health and chronic pain
September 16th to October 20th, 2022

This 20-hour continuing education course (Yoga Therapy for Lower Back Pain – IAYT) provides yoga teachers and practitioners of yoga therapy with accessible, evidence-based material to help clients suffering from lower back pain. Epidemiological studies, etiology, and current treatment options (healthcare) will be presented in the study of lower back pain and chronic pain. This workshop includes presentations and yoga practices. By the end of this course, participants will better understand how to approach the problem of lower back pain and chronic pain in an individual session as well as how to reduce the risk of injury in group classes.

Price: $495 plus taxes


Admission Requirements

1. Meet one of the following three requirements:
– 200-hour certification successfully completed and 2 years of teaching
– 200-hour certification completed with Marie-Daphné Roy or Hélène Doucet-Beaupré
– Other complementary professional experience deemed equivalent by the trainers

2. Have a minimum of yoga equipment in order to practice at home (2 blocks, 2 straps, 4 blankets, a yoga chair, 1 bolster).

Certification Requirements

1. The participant must complete, hand in on time and successfully pass the homework during the training program, as well as the final work.

2. During the mandatory teacher training periods, the student must demonstrate competence in teaching yoga in an appropriate and therapeutic manner using the methodology presented during the course.

3. The cost of course must be paid in full.
Hours accumulated in the course can be used as continuing education with Yoga Alliance (upon completion of all 4 modules) or as continuing education with International Association of Yoga Therapists. In both cases, you must be a member of these associations in order to have your continuing education hours recognized.

Training and retreat

in Yin Yoga

Yin yoga mobilizes the fascia and joints, strengthens vital energy, promotes energy circulation and meditative presence.

Explore the slowness, depth and receptivity of Yin yoga. Let yourself be guided in this unique experience that combines the resourcing of a retreat with the enrichment and learning pleasure of a training course.
Trained and certified by the best in the field, both in Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley and in Insight Yoga with Sarah and Ty Powers, Marie-Daphné shares with you the best of the approaches of these pioneers of Yin Yoga, to which she combines over 25 years of practice and teaching experience.

Yin yoga is performed on the floor with the muscles mainly passive, in order to reach the connective tissues and mobilize the joints in a way that complements active practices. It particularly targets the lumbar, pelvis, hips and thighs. Yin yoga also targets the main meridians and yin organs of the body, with the goal of supporting the flow of chi and cultivating overall vitality.

These principles, combined with the right adaptation of postures for each individual, result in a meditative, contemplative, intimate and balancing experience.

On the Program :

  • History and origins of yin yoga
  • Concepts of chi, yin and yang
  • Anatomy of Yin yoga, connective tissue and fascia
  • Yin meridians and organs
  • Key yin yoga postures and sequences
  • Functional yin alignment and appropriate use of accessories
  • Attentive presence and mindfulness
  • Benefits and limitations of Yin yoga
  • Sequencing yin yoga classes
  • Creating a safe and caring space for yin yoga

Whether for personal use or to complement an existing professional practice (massage therapy, osteopathy, etc.), this training will give you a better understanding of yin yoga.
If you teach yoga, you’ll come away from this training better equipped, whether you’re looking to teach full yin yoga classes, learn how to better incorporate these postures into your regular classes, or become more proficient in private instruction. If you are a certified teacher, you can obtain a Yin yoga teaching certification recognized by Yoga Alliance.
No teaching requirements are necessary to participate in the retreat. If you prefer a retreat experience without the full training, you’re welcome to join as a retreat participant, with the flexibility to choose your own schedule.

2024 Schedule

From June 30th to July 4th, 2024

Fees include:

– Exclusive Yin yoga and meditation workshops with Marie-Daphné Roy.
– Access to live pre-recorded theory presentations.
– A training manual (PDF)
– 5 days and 4 nights at Couvent Val-Morin.
– 3 meals of inspired, plant-based, organic and local cuisine per night.
– Service fees and tips on meals
– Access to the facilities and surroundings of Couvent Val-Morin: access to common relaxation areas, outdoor pool, private access to Lac Raymond, access to the linear park le p’tit train du Nord
– Basic yoga equipment
– Retreat-style experience
– Option to obtain a certificate for 45 h of Yin Yoga training

Fees do not include:

– Sales tax
– Transportation
– Therapeutic care at Couvent Val-Morin (massage therapy and acupuncture available, depending on availability)

Admission requirements

Regular practice of Yin Yoga for at least 1 year is strongly recommended, but not mandatory.

Certification requirements

1. A 45-hour continuing education certification, recognized by Yoga Alliance, will be granted to already certified yoga teachers..
2. Attend all workshops with Marie-Daphné Roy during the training.
3. Develop a yin yoga sequence using the methodology presented during the training.
4. The cost of the training must be paid in full.

Full occupancy rates:

Double occupation room *1 place left!*
2 single beds or 1 queen bed (your choice): $1295 per person plus taxes

Single occupation room *1 room left!*
1 single bed: $1350 per person plus tax

Rooms marked “Double occupation” are designed either for two people who know each other, wish to share the same room and book together, or for two people who don’t know each other and are open to sharing a room with another retreat participant.
Bathrooms are shared.