Yoga for Women

Yoga for Women, dates and times TBD

Prenatal Yoga, Tuesdays 2 pm to 3:10 pm

Postnatal Yoga, Tuesdays noon to 1:10 pm

Yoga for the Menstrual cycle

Yoga Bhavana’s yin and restorative yoga classes are recommended during as well as pre- and post menstrual period. One should adapt their practice to the body’s reality week after week. This promotes healthy menstrual cycle and contributes to women’s health.

To learn a little more, read the interview conducted by Nayla Naoufal avec Marie-Daphné Roy :
La pratique au féminin. You’ll learn about the approach underlying the decision to adapt yoga practices for Woment as well as a few cues.

A French Yoga magazine also asked Marie-Daphné’s opinion on this topic. Read it here :
Conjuguer le yoga au féminin. Magazine Esprit Yoga, été 2014

If you’d like a short practice suggestion that may feel great during your period, watch
Yoga for menstruations.

You are welcome to contact Marie Daphné Roy for a private meeting on how to adapt your current practice or how to start a yoga practice which will support your menstrual cycle.


Fertility Yoga

Fertility yoga is for all those who are conscious of the overall health of their menstrual cycle and their reproductive system. The suggested posed are particularly beneficial to tone reproductive organs, release stress and calm tendencies for anxiety and insomnia, all these elements contribute to promote hormonal, emotional and mental balance. Internal balance and the capacity for relaxation are essential to women’s health, be it to welcome life or to feel good and alive in one’s body.

Women’s yoga will be beneficial for women who are trying to conceive as well as those who wish to establish a healthy menstrual cycle.


Pre-natal Yoga

Pre-natal yoga is the ideal preparation for childbirth and motherhood. The practice of pre-natal yoga also enables the mother-to-be to live her pregnancy with presence and confidence. The practice of poses and breathing techniques help heighten the sense of the body, relaxation, breathing and awakening what is happening inside. Poses develop strength and flexibility equally as well as giving room in the uterus for the baby, appeasing the nervous system and to help with the transformations linked to pregnancy. Furthermore, you will learn breathing techniques and poses which will help during childbirth and that will be beneficial for years to come.

You can start classes at any point during pregnancy, weather you have experience with yoga or no.
Tuesdays 2 to 3:10 pm