In 2020, our offer of yoga classes has grown significantly in order to provide you with a total flexibility of time and space.

Whether you want to practice right in the studio with other students, in the comfort of your living room or even in the wee hours of the morning, you are sure to find what you are looking for.


6 consecutive weeks, between June 17th and July 28th, 2024

125$ + taxes

12 consecutive weeks, between June 17th and September 8th, 2024

250$ + taxes



MAY 20th to SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2024








9 am to 10:10 am
Therapeutic and Restorative (French)

June 19th to September 18th

11 am to 5 pm
Individual yoga therapy sessions by reservation

11 am to 5 pm
Individual yoga therapy sessions by reservation

11 am to 5 pm
Individual yoga therapy sessions by reservation

AM : a variety of workshops  are offered. Consult events for further info

1:30 pm to 7 pm
Individual yoga therapy sessions by reservation

PM : a variety of workshops  are offered. Consult events for further info

5:45 pm to 6:55 pm
Yin Flow (French)

5:45 pm to 6:55 pm
Hatha Flow (French)

PM : a variety of workshops  are offered. Consult events for further info

Studio classes

While respecting the current health measures issued by the government, this offer is intended for all those who wish to share their practice more intimately with other students and the teacher.

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  • 1 CLASS – 23$ + tx. | with rental mat – 24,74 $ + tx.
  • 5 CLASSES – 110 $ + tx. | with rental mat – 111,74 $ + tx.
  • 1 WEEK UNLIMITED – 40 $ + tx. | with rental mat – 41,74 $ + tx.
  • 1 MONTH UNLIMITED – 140 $ + tx. | with rental mat – 141,74 $ + tx.
  • 1 DISCOVERY MONTH (1st time at Bhavana) – 95 $ + tx.  | with rental mat – 96,74 $ + tx. (Select 1 month unlimited and add the discount code upon purchase : MOISDECOUVERTE)
  • SUBSCRIPTION WITH MONTHLY PAYMENT with yoga mat (3 months minimum) – 100 $ + tx.

*All in-studio registration packages also provide access to live class broadcasts and classes held at Jarry park.

*10% off on the regular 1 Month unlimited fee, for full time students, 65+ and continuous renewal of the 1 Month unlimited membership.


Live broadcast classes

All of the studio classes are simultaneously broadcast live, on Zoom. This option allows you to experience a classroom atmosphere without being physically in the studio. You can choose to activate or not your camera at your convenience.

For registrants, zoom course recordings are available for the following seven days.



  • 1 CLASS – 20 $ + tx.
  • 5 CLASSES 100 $ + tx.
  • 1 WEEK UNLIMITED – 35 $ + tx.
  • 1 MONTH UNLIMITED – 115 $ + tx.
  • 1 DISCOVERY MONTH (1st time at Bhavana) – 70 $ + tx. (Select 1 month unlimited and add the discount code upon purchase : MOISDECOUVERTEDIRECT)
  • SUBSCRIPTION WITH MONTHLY PAYMENT – 3 months minimum (gives access to studio classes) – 100 $ + tx.

*10% off on the regular 1 Month unlimited fee, for full time students, 65+ and continuous renewal of the 1 Month unlimited membership.


On-demand classes

Several of our teachers have come together to create pre-recorded classes covering different topics and types of yoga. This option allows you to follow our classes at the place and time that suits you.

Bhavana en ligne


  • 1 CLASS – 10$ tx incl.
  • WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION – 20$ tx incl.
  • MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION – 35$ tx incl.
  • 6 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION – 150$ tx incl.

Classes descriptions

Restorative yoga is a therapeutic practice that promotes deep relaxation for the body and mind through supportive poses. The approach stems from the Iyengar method and uses accessories and props (blocks, straps, bolsters, chairs, etc.) Restorative yoga encourages the prolonged holding of poses which help restore, fortify and reset the different systems of the body. This practice aims to balance the nervous system, which simultaneously improves breathing, concentration, presence, letting go, stability and patience.

Restorative Yoga and Yin

In this anti-stress course par excellence, we encourage tranquility, simplicity, relaxation and a profound letting go. A marriage between the repertoires of passive restorative yoga and yin yoga, the range of poses offered are devoted entirely to relaxation. The passivity of the muscles in these postures allows a relaxation and a stretching of the muscular and connective tissues, in addition to mobilizing the joints. This approach is an ideal complement to dynamic activities (vinyasa yoga, martial arts, athletic training, etc.), or when rest is necessary, as in during a convalescence. Accessible to everyone.

Deepening into Restorative Yoga

An advanced restorative yoga class for students familiar with using props, and with the poses and principles of alignment proposed in active postural yoga classes.

In this course, the sequences of poses are designed to develop a sustained attention and body consciousness; they also require a stable muscle commitment and an ability to relax during effort. The main intention of the course is to encourage the relaxation response of the central nervous system, which contributes to overall homeostasis. Designed for the management of stress, anxiety and depressive tendencies, this course also strengthens the immune, digestive and respiratory systems. This practice cultivates interiority, endurance, benevolence and equanimity. These classes requires prior experience of yoga. Expect to sometimes explore standing poses, inversions, yoga wall, chairs, etc.

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These courses are designed for anyone managing particular needs; including injury prevention or management, chronic pain or illness. The courses are open to students of all ages and levels. Since these are group classes, it is possible that the practice differs from one student to another, and that changes are proposed to the course outline so that the practice is appropriate and beneficial to all.

If you are hesitant to join a group course, we recommend that you take a private lesson first, or in parallel.

Therapeutic Yoga – for the back

This course is for people with, or seeking to prevent, back pain. Depending on the needs of students present, emphasis may be placed on muscle relaxation; joint decompression and traction; stretching or reinforcing the torso. By respecting the capabilities of the participants in attendance, this course presents concepts of posture and alignment, in addition to promoting free and easy breathing. The course helps to reduce stress, and promotes better posture and well-being on a daily basis. Accessible to everyone.


Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga

For people dealing with a particular need (chronic tension, fatigue, stress, insomnia, pain, etc.). Depending on the specific needs of the participants and the time of year, we will offer a combination of active postures, gentle movements or stretching, while ensuring a good place for restorative postures. Since the capacity for relaxation of the autonomic nervous system is essential to overall health, a time of relaxation and rest is in fact reserved for this purpose in each class. Open to all.

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Postural yoga practice helps to improve posture and relax tensions, while developing body awareness, stability, fluidity, strength, endurance, breathing, confidence and concentration.

Postural Yoga Hatha

Formerly called « active restorative, » this course is particularly inspired by the alignment-based methods of yoga. In the course, we explore the notions of alignment essential to a practice that is respectful of each person’s body. We take the time to dissect, feel and integrate the principles of movement appropriate to each family of postures (flexion, extension, torsion, inversion, standing). Emphasis is placed on teaching the postures in a safe and systematic way, to avoid injuries, reduce discomforts and encourage mobility as much as force. Yoga accessories (bolsters, chairs, straps, etc.) are frequently used in this course to assist in the learning process. Accessible to everyone.

Yoga Hatha flow

The Hatha flow course combines the principles of alignment with a gentle sequence of postures. As always in yoga, attention is paid to the breath. We try to move effortlessly, sometimes exploring movement a little differently, alternating movement and moments of supported rest. The Hatha flow course helps to release tension, develop body awareness and have fun. Accessible to everyone.

Hatha and Yoga Nidra

Hatha yoga a methodical alignment-based approach to exploring postures and our bodies. Yoga accessories (blocks, straps, chairs, bolsters) are used to support our learning. Following the physical practice, we will engage in Yoga Nidra, a 30-minute meditative practice of shifting awareness from our outer world to the inner world. This “sleep of a yogi” is a state of refreshing rest and healing where our senses, intellect and spirit is freed of its baggage. Benefits include more serenity and resilience, less irritability and better concentration. Accessible to everyone.

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Postural yoga practice helps to improve posture and relax tensions, while developing body awareness, stability, fluidity, strength, endurance, breathing, confidence and concentration.

Postural Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga offers a dynamic approach where yoga postures are progressively linked. Our vinyasa courses combine the precision of alignment, with physical commitment and the joy of movement. In this course, you will be invited to synchronize your breathing and your movements, which will push you to move with attention. You will come out of this course reinvigorated, with a calm and clear mind and spirit. Requires prior experience.

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For anyone intrigued by Hatha Yoga, or wishing to review the basics of the practice. In a gentle, safe and progressive way, these classes will introduce and analyze the main families of postures (standing, forward bends, backbends, twists and inversions) as well as some breathing and meditation exercises.

The “small group / on registration” formula will allow the teacher to offer personalized follow-up in order to adapt the practice to the reality of each student.

This series is a great way to get started with yoga and experience the benefits that the practice can offer on a physical, emotional and mental level. The course will then allow participants to follow the « Postural Hatha” courses with confidence!

Accessories needed: belt, chair, one or two towels (or blankets).

Feldenkrais is a mind-body approach. Its connects our sensory, motor and cognitive capacities through movement.

Although movement is an essential ingredient of Feldenkrais, the technique is not in the service of fitness. Instead of a focus on immediate results and performance, which is all too common today, Feldenkrais proposes we take the time to experience a meditative experience in our body. During classes, we constantly seek higher states of attention. Through their voice, the teacher guides the participants through a series of actions that participants integrate in their own way, becoming aware of their habits and discovering new ways of moving.

A regular practice of Feldenkrais improves posture, balance, mobility and coordination. It reduces the likelihood of injury and constitutes a powerful tool for improving artistic or sporting gestures, as well as better pain and stress management. Accessible to everyone.

Yoga for Women

This practice is for all women who care about the general health of their menstrual cycle, reproductive system and life transitions. In this course, the poses are particularly beneficial for toning the pelvic floor and reproductive organs; mitigating excess stress; soothing tendencies towards anxiety; and promoting a better hormonal, emotional and mental balance.

You will learn how to adapt your yoga practice to the cyclic reality of your body. This approach promotes a healthy menstrual cycle, fertility, a comfortable pregnancy and an easing into menopause. Accessible to all.

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Yin Flow

Focusing on compassion and our ability to take life as it comes, the yin flow class stretches connective tissue and nourishes articulations. We move at a slow, gentle and fluid rhythm. Long-held yin postures are balanced by revitalizing or strengthening yoga postures.
Accessible to all.

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