Pratiques adaptées, yoga restaurateur,
thérapeutique, yin, vinyasa et Feldenkrais
304, rue Faillon Est, Montréal, Québec  H2R 1K9
514  885-YOGA  (9642)

Marie-Daphné has long wanted to enrich the offer of Yoga Bhavana by setting up a place where individual and therapeutic sessions would be at the forefront; a place where therapists are committed to supporting you and giving you the tools you need to take charge of your health.

This wish has come true! This project arises from the association of Marie-Daphne with two Yoga Bhavana teachers: Rija Renaud, teacher of Feldenkrais and Sébastien Arcand-Tourigny, yoga teacher and osteopath. Three friends and colleagues, they are as passionate about somatic and attentive presence as they are about complementary health care.

They are happy to welcome you and support you in achieving your personal aspirations for overall health and well-being, through sensitive and sensible personalized therapeutic support.

Bhavana la clinique is thus a therapeutic space, where complementary health methods complementary are integrated within a embodied perspective of presence and movement. Your unique path is naturally placed at the center of the team’s approach.

Bhavana la clinique